New Years Resolutions

If your like me every year you resolve to lose those extra pounds. Some diet, which lets face it works in the short term, then you usually gain it back plus. Some hit the gym which statistically lasts no longer than February.

Why do you think that these methods fail for most people year after year. Simply answer boring….

I think, and yes I too need to lose pounds that if you can find your niche you can succeed. I am going to explore different sports type programs for the next few blogs. After all what was your New Years resolution?

The first one I am recommending besides yoga is a comprehensive program led by a guy for all you men that don’t want girly exercise instruction. And it involves the sport of basketball.

I remember basketball being a high energy fast paced fun game and that is what you need to find to be successful and stick with it. Check out this link and see if it appeals to you. Its called vertical jump training.




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