Smart Watchs for Androids

You thought that the only smart watch out there was the ios apple iwatch. Well the truth is there is a host of smart watchs for android phones. I spent a great deal of time research the best watch out there for durability, battery power, options and did I mention good looks? 

Keep in mind I had an apple Iwatch and really enjoyed the convenience of it but when I switched to a blackberry the Iwatch had to go. After numerous articles and comparisions the best smart watch for androids out there right now and for a reasonable price is the Asus Zen 3 smart watch.

There are numerous bands. colors, and acccessories fo the watch which retails new for 179.00 or 199.00 depending on whether you want a leather band or silicone band. It has one of the best sleep apps I have seen and unlike the apple iwatch you do not have to remember to turn it on before sleeping.

On the down side the watch is quite large, as a woman with a small wrist it looks very large but is still comfortable to wear. So far Amazon has the best price on this watch. I have provided a link for your convenience in locating this watch.
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