Looking to the future

Being a native Floridian, I always had the desire to own land in a state that had 4 seasons, and where I could afford a few horses. A great deal of my spare time went into trying to discover an affordable state that had no natural diasters. I have lived through a number of hurricanes and as a Law Enforcement Officer certainly worked a number of them providing relief and security.

Not interested in living too far north where blizzard conditions make life so difficult during the winter months. Then the other natural diasters for our part of the world is Tornados and Earthquakes. Tornados are most common through an area referred to as tornaado alley which includes a number of states. And earthquakes are mostly to the west.

So I am rapidly coming to realize there is virtually no state that doesn’t have some type of natural diaster. Having worked natural diasters was enough to make me avoid them at all costs. Just a power outage creates chaos. No power has an effect on everything, no gas, no water, no telephone or communication, no stores, when you think about the world as we know it ceases to exist. The comforts of a shower, ice, clean clothes and then inevitably the looting begins at night fall. Night is pitch dark, and if you want to keep the things you have you stay awake and protect them through the night.

During Hurricane David in South Miami and Florida City while working down there. People were bathing in dirty pond water and washing clothes there as well. Then they spent their nights out front of the homes with shotguns to protect their property and what little they had left.

They couldn’t leave because they hd no gas or way to get it and if they left whatever they couldnt carry with them was stolen. Sure relief came 2 days after it hit and then what I call the vultures, people not effected by the storm would drive in and claim they were hungry and collect free food, water and Government Assistance.

So trying to find a state that has no nature diasters was impossible. The only positive I can say about a Tornado, which is our most likely threat is that it is over fairly quickly unlike a huuricane which you wait to arrive guessing its path then you prepare and sometimes it hits and lasts for hours and sometimes it misses you.

I highly recommend a batery plus handcrank weather radio and flashlight plus cell charger as the image below.


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