Can you say bugs!

I just have to say we have new neighbors, well not your traditional kind of neighbors, but in this case not good neighbors. They make rude noises, ruin the environment with gas emissions and the absolutely worst issue is the flies. Our new neighbors is a herd of black Angus cows.

We can’t open a door for a seconds without, very little exaggeration 15 flies coming in with us. They also carry  what is called a horse fly but they hang around cows, go figure. Cows must have a much thicker hide because the ir bites don’t seem to bother them quite as badly as they do the horses.

One of those horse flies bites a horse they start running and bucking trying to get away from it. Now here in Missouri some folks think that hanging those old fly tapes from the ceiling is the best answer and to tell the truth it probably was at one time.

Luckily are going half crazed with fly swatter in every room constantly scaring the life out of our rescue dachshund. Each swat would send him jumping and running for cover.

Only time I ever experienced worse was working as a trooper on alligator alley. This is a two lane road that crossed the state from east to west. It is a lonely long stretch of road in the everglades of South Florida. At night it is pitch black and at any time of day you can see snakes, alligators and or wild animal life out in glades. There is no fencing along the roadway so anything can crawl up on this 2 lane road. And at night you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

It only took me one time to exit the patrol car once it turned dark, to realize the bugs were huge and numerous. I was completely covered in bugs when I ran back to the car and got in. I don’t know what they were I only know it took forever to  blow them all out with all four windows down and driving as fast as possible to get them out of the car.

So not wanting to have those fly tapes hanging from the ceiling I found a remarkable solution, They are little stickers that attach to the window but the flies don’t stick to them they actual have a fly killer bait which does its job and in general no one even knows they are there.


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