Riley and Freedom or Whiskey just depends

Were vey lucky when we moved from Florida where the rest of our family lived that our daughter within a few years decided she was tired of Jacksonville Florida. She was expecting her first baby and she and her husband wanted a different lifestyle and to be able to raise there children in an area that had less crime.

Riley was her first daughter we now also have Avery another girl. Riley just turned 4 in July and Avery 1 in April. If we are going to have a rockem sockem grandaughter it is going to be Riley.

The little daredevil has been riding Smarty since she was 2. She has her own muck fork to help Pop clean the stalls and must always be rewarded with the horse’s soft peppermints The problem with this theory is she likes them too and has declared them for herself. If she shares the horses only get one. She and her sister more like 3 or 4.


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