Moving where you virtually know nobody

I think the hardest out of the move some times was not knowing who to call or trust to say, fix the car, which vet, which new family Doctor, where to get your hair cut, right down to the littlest things,

As you begin to try new places for everyday things you realize that being in a small town no one can give you directions to anywhere. In the city, you get specific: drive to 155 Street make a right two blocks down and we are in the 2 story red brick building.

Here if you ask for directions instead the answer is like this, “Oh we are over by the old library.” “OK where is that?” Answer, “Oh you know where the fire station that burned down use to be.” Answer, “No I just moved here I dont know where that is. There is a pause on the other end and you hear in the background…what do you tell people how to get hear that dont know where the old library was! Response everybody knows where that was!

Then the hardest thing for me in particular having run a state agency was having the menfolk here ignore you. We have truly moved back several decades. I could be standing out in the front of the property expecting a sub contractor that I wanted a quote from, either drive right past me up to where Ken was or just out right ask me where the man of the house was. It wasn’t easy to accept and nothing has changed women folk talk about home, family, cooking and men conduct business.

If you really know me then you know that was a tough one to swallow. But trying to assert yourselve is pointless. Now over time, some men have come around like our farrier, or the banking offficials.

But largely in rural Missouri it’s a mans world! The funniest thing to read in the weekly classified paper aptly named the “Horsetrader” is the classified ads that run for female companions. Usually they read something like this, “Country Gentleman looking for a companion to help around the farm, must be 40 or less and strong, good cook is a plus, no smoking. Not looking to marry just for a companion when lonely, don’t worry I generally dont believe in hitting my woman.”

How could any gal pass that offer up? I told Ken when I pass he should have no problem replacing me as a farm hand.


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