Our whole purpose in moving One of the many reasons Missouri was our ending spot was be cause the price of land per acre was about 1800.00 an acre compared to 20,000 in Florida, Taxes, insurance, gas, crime rate less nearly everything cost less in Missouri. Those are the benefits but nobody and none of our research ever mentioned the rocks in Missouri. No rocks is not really correct.

We had a round pen up to work the horses and would noticed a rock. Rocks cause stone bruises and abscesses which ultimately lame horses The old saying no foot no horse is absolutely true.

So we see a rock try to pick it up, sometimes they are the size of a quarter, but most of the time you start digging. Then you get the crowbar and pry and dig and pry and dig and eventually you have a rock the size of a patio. So big you have to get the tractor to pick it up and move to what we call our rock walls. But aside from the rocks, we generally have mild winters in fact I don’t think we have had snow the last two years.

But I digress, the real reason we moved here is it is close to Oklahoma but generally outside tornado alley. Tulsa Oklahoma is where pinto world and congress shows each year. The shows where only the best of the best go because if your really competitive, like Ken not me, it is the most coveted show to win as an amateur. But it is not a show that is cheap by any stretch of the imagination. And the competitors don’t go show in cheap saddles or tack or outfits. Some of the ladies tops alone are 5,000 to 15,000 dollars. So in short you don’t go unless you think you have a really good horse and a really good chance to win.

When we moved to Missouri Ken had a yearling that was pretty promising and when he turned to we sent him to a trainer to get him ready for the show. But something happened that has never happened before. Normally if we want to sell a horse it takes forever, and you lose money on it. But while this yearling was at the trainers not to sell we got a call. The trainer said he had a buyer there for Tyke the yearling, Seems a man had come to look at one of his quarter horses, saw him training Tyke and said he wanted to buy him. He wasn’t even a looking for a paint at the time, The trainer explained to the buyer that Ken did not want to sell him he was there for training. The man insisted the Trainer call Ken to see if he would sell. Unfortunately the buyer was standing right there with the trainer. At first Ken said no, then he asked what he was wanting to pay. The man said name your price. Well the trainer couldn’t say much with a potential client there. So Ken said ask him for 12,000. Thinking he would never go for it. Before we knew what happened that colt was in the mans trailer and a check for 12,000.00 was written.

Both Ken and the trainer started to regret this sale because they thought Tyke had what it took but its hard to pass on that kind of money on a two year old unproven horse. So know Ken had a little cash to upgrade horses and looked for one that was well trained and had plenty of show experience. He found one at Findlay College in Ohio. And that is how Bugz came into our lives. He was a black and white gorgeous horse with an impressive show record. His owner loved him so much she brought him to us herself so she could see where he would be living. And this is the first horse that Ken rode at the World Show but that’s a whole other story.


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